Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hazrat sheikh saadi hikayat in urdu and english, Islamic Quotes in English

Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (ra) and a diseased dog. Hazrat Junaid e Baghdadi or bemar kutta

Once, Hazrat Junaid Baghdai was going through wilderness. He saw a weak and injured dog who is near to die, due to hunger. He fed his half food to dog and it felt better. when he was going away. he wept and said, who knows which is the best among us. Because dog has no tension of hell, even bad names.


Shoes and Feet, Juta or Payon

In life's grieves and sorrows, I have never been broken heart and lament. But only one time when I have no shoes, nor enough money to purchase the shoes. I reached in kufa's Mosque in surprised and shocked condition. 

I saw a man without feet, so I thanked Allah that I have feet, and I postponed my plan to buy the shoes.


Hikayat e Saadi,  Disobedient Son, Nafarman Beta

Sheikh Saadi (RA) Said that, once I was in the Diyarbakir city as a guest of an old man, who was very rich. He had a beautiful young son, whom he loved very much. One night the old man said this is only one my offspring in life. There is a tree in this forest, people go there, for their wishes. I had been going there, spend a lot of long nights for praying a son to God underneath that tree.

Now the old man's son says that his wish is to know that tree, go there and malediction to my old father for his death.

Gold and Silver Hikayat by Sheikh Saadi

A Passenger lost his way, unfortunately his food finished and he had no stamina to bear the hunger. There were some money affixed with his waist. He struggled for his life, but all in vain, at last he died in impatience. After some time a caravan arrived here, they saw a bundle of money in front of dead body and some written words.
Man never satisfied with wealth, Turnips are better than Gold and Silver, because they fill the belly.

Unblest, Badbakht

Some pious fellows met and began to talk on different affairs. A man began to slander that man    who was not present at the moment. A pious asked the question who was present in the meeting " Had you ever gone to war against non Muslims"? He replied that he never puts his feet outside the house.  

Then Pious Dervish Said!
Friends! I never saw unblest man like this, who is reckless regarding battle against non Muslim,
but a Muslim worried by his language.