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Quotes of Hazrat Sheikh Saadi About Famine (قحط), Islamic Aqwal e Zareen

Drought (Khushk sali, قحط), Quotes about Famine

One year there was no rain in Egypt and There was a famine in the land. People began to cry for rain but there was no rain even a drop of rain. One man came in the presence of Hazrat Zunnoon Misri ؒ  and requested for rain, because Allah accept the Prey of his beloved.

quotation about famine, Islamic quotes in Urdu and English

Islamic quotes in urdu and english

Old man and a young, Benefits of Less eating, quotes about eating, diet quote

This is the quotation about the benefits of less eating. Once two Khurasani Faqir were travelling together. One of them was an old man and the other was a young healthy man, who ate three times in a day. Accidentally they were arrested due to the blame of spying, The Governor ordered to put them into the prison and close the door with bricks. After two weeks it was noticed that they were innocent, now Governor ordered to break the door.  When broke the door, people surprised to see them, that the young man was dead and the old man was alive. 

Incidentally, there was a wise man was passing when he saw the people, he told the people why are you surprised.

He said; Dear, why are you surprised, this situation is not so surprising. He said; if old man died and young man remain alive، then it is the time of surprising. He said; young man was over-eating and can not bear hunger and died. While the old man was low-eater, and due to his habit of low-eating he remain alive.

quotes about eating, Islam and dieting

Islamic quote about eating, eating quotes and saying, Aqwal e zareen about diet,