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Sheikh Saadi, golden words in urdu, islamic words in urdu

golden words in urdu with pictures

Good Human Nature Quotes, Naik Fitrat Insan

A man was very polite and pious. He did not say bad to bad persons even they are actually bad, he did not see defect because of his good nature. When he died, a man saw him in dream and asked a question. What did happened, with you after death? He praised Allah and replied happily that there was no harshness on me  because I was also polite with others.

islamic golden words in urdu

Quotes About Quietness, Khamoshi ka faida

A wise man always remain quiet and separate whenever he met wise men.  One day his father asked him, Son! why do you so keep quiet in the meeting of wise men?
Wise man said، Father if anybody asked me a question which I have no answer, due to this embarrassment, I think quietness is better for me.


golden words in urdu english with pictures

Health quotes in English, aqwal e zareen in urdu

A king sent a doctor for treatment and obedience of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad  and his companions. He lived here for a long time, but he could not treat anybody. At last he met Hazrat Muhammad   and said you know I was here as a doctor, in this duration no one came to me for treatment.
Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said!
They have a rule in the life that they never eat until, they feel hunger and stop eating before full. So They did not get your services.  
Now the Doctor Said!
No doubt, it is the secret of health. I think in this situation, there is no more need of my services, so please let me go to my home.

health quotes sayings


islamic golden words in urdu and english


islamic golden words in urdu

Idle quotes and sayings

A crippled person killed a centipede. However centipede had hundreds feet, which could not escape from death.