Friday, October 3, 2014

sayings of Muhammad PBUH, aqwal e zareen in urdu, golden words in urdu islamic,

Golden sayings of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH

Here are different quotes and sayings of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, 

Excellence of filling the Mosque with people

Hazrat Abuhuraira R.a said that Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, said that anyone who will go to Mosque in morning and evening, Allah will be welcome him in Heaven.

 Importance of Forgiveness

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, said that by God, I pray to Allah for forgiveness 70 times in a day.

Miracles of Rasool PBUH

protection of tongue

Rasool PBUH said I want the guaranty of two things from you, that are between your jaws and between your legs, and I will give you the guaranty of Heaven.

Importance of Lawful earning

Said Rasool PBUH, that the search of lawful earning is your duty.

condemnation of Anger