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Sheikh Saadi Quotes in Urdu


Some poor people, were debtor of a trader. The trader, daily demanded loan with obnoxious language. There was not any other solution except to bear the trader.
After heard the matter, a wise man said. To postpone  ego on promise of eating, is easy, but to postpone a trader on the promise money, is very difficult.

sheikh saadi quotes urdu

King and a Pious, Badshah or aik Dervish

A  noble man saw in a dream that a king in paradise and a pious in hell. He thought, people were saying the king will be in hell, and the devout will be in heaven. But the case is reversed. I don't know what is the reason, A unseen voice came, that the king loved pious persons, so he is in paradise, but the pious person loved the kings so he is in hell.
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Aqwal e Zareen by Sheikh Saadi

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